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The Pioneer of SMO in China: Promoting SMO since 2004 and the company was established in 2009.

One of  the  Most Experienced SMO: Conducting/conducted 500+ global studies.




CONTACT US(Business Cooperation)

Tel:  +021 60755800


Yingping.Hou (Shanghai)                                             JiaYi.Gu (Shanghai)

E-mail:yingping.hou@smo-clinplus.com                    E-mail:jiayi.gu@smo-clinplus.com

Tel:+86 18911101063                                                  Tel:+86 15221043052

Jiali.Ji (Shanghai)                                                         Jing.Hu (Beijing)

E-mail:jiali.ji@smo-clinplus.com                                E-mail: jing.hubj@smo-clinplus.com

Tel:+86 18862237079                                                  Tel:+86 15652000877





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