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Our Vision

ㅤㅤReform the development of the model of clinical studies in China! Explore the solutions to clinical studies in China, and are committed to creating an interconnected platform among pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and patients. Explore the solutions to clinical studies in China, speed up the development of clinical studies in China, and improve the overall quality of clinical studies in China.

Our Values

ㅤㅤEarn respect with professionalism. Do not procrastinate, do not overtask, and do not cause trouble. Never conduct in a way that would violate GCP or the compliance requirements. Do not falsify data, do not make medical judgments, do not tolerate any professional misconduct, and aim to improve the quality of clinical studies in China truly.

SMO services: one-stop services for clinical trial outsourcing management

01.Preliminary model establishment

02.Preliminary plan preparation

03.Initiation of clinical trial sites

04.On-site implementation

05.Comprehensive project management

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About ClinPlus


ClinPlus is committed to undertaking SMO projects on clinically valued innovative drugs. With experience in more than 2,100 clinical trial projects and more than 90 drugs listed in the market worldwide, ClinPlus has helped advance the implementation and conducting of clinical trials and has also empowered the research development of innovative drugs dramatically.

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ClinPlus is equipped with a step-by-step training system that ensures our employees' successful acquisition of professional and management skills at all stages of their career development. It also facilitates the impartment of professional knowledge and practical skills among our employees within the company.


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